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Photo-Voltaic Cell Handling Systems

There are many similarities between the Semiconductor and Photo-voltaic industries. So it is only natural that Faith Enterprises would be such a good choice for Solar Cell Automation. Their abilities are well suited to the challenges that are presented by today’s PV Industry. Whether your needs are for simple table-top transfer tools or complex integrated systems, Faith can help you achieve the goals you seek.

Solar Cell Stack to Cassette Loader

This machine separates Solar Cells from a stack and transfers them into a cassette. The operator loads up to 300 cells in the magazine and places a cassette in the horizontal position. When the cassette is full, it can be removed and another cassette started immediately. This machine operates at a high rate of speed, filling a 25-slot cassette in less than 100 seconds. It handles cells as thin as 180um and models are available for any cell size.

This system can be customized to load multiple cassettes simultaneously for higher throughput applications. Almost any cassette design can be accommodated.



Rapitran 2, Solar Cell Batch Transfer

This machine transfers 25 wafers from a cassette to a diffusion boat and back again. Multiple transfer modes cassette to cassette and boat to boat transfers.


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